More Skullgirls news-

First of all, my condolences to Japan ;A; I have some friends over there, and some friends who have family over there- and I wish for their safety.

If you guys happen to be in the east coast, you should check out the demo of Skullgirls at PAX East in booth #750, going on this weekend. You can even get a temporary tattoo of the logo ;A;bbbb Play the game, see it in person!


Hmm, on another note though, there is something I really need to get off my chest. I'm going to try to spread this around because it's kind of bothering me.

I am very displeased with how misleading the PR announcements are about crediting me for Scott Pilgrim. It's also annoying how the press misinterprets the PR release. I'm not sure who's more to blame exactly. I'm to blame as well, for not keeping a closer eye on this sooner. It's pretty frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I like Scott Pilgrim a lot and Mal is a great guy, but I feel really bad that this is like some misled attempt at riding on his coat-tails. It's true that what they wrote in the press is *technically* correct, ("whose work has appeared in Scott Pilgrim") but only by just barely. I did a guest art piece that shows up in one of the volumes of the comic. Under the same logic, I believe that Andy Helms, Corey Lewis, and a whole bunch of other artists who did guest art for Mal can make that same claim. It's very misleading ><;;;

When I listed all of the stuff prior to Skullgirls that I was involved with, mostly print stuff at this point. I guess Scott Pilgrim stood out to them, and they played it up way too much... and only by itself. At least they mention Lava Punch, which I find pretty fascinating ( a series of comic anthologies that my friends put together that I contribute to: ) I'm just annoyed by the fact that a person has to be from-something before. It also totally gives a certain slant when presenting it, that I honestly don't want. (The official trailer doesn't help much either... ) I'd rather just be known for Skullgirls, or maybe just have no precedence. Mike Z and Reverge itself has all the cred on their own to help back up this game, anyway~

I'm going to list my past jobs / work, to give you a more accurate sense of where I come from.

-I was one of the artists at Gaia Online- items, art assets, character designs, illustrations

-I worked at Playdom- as a contract artist / animator

-I've done some freelance work for WayForward- I think I was credited for Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and I did some work for other stuff that I can't mention yet, I'm sure.

-I've contributed to my friends' Lava Punch anthologies.

-I've had illustrations show up in the following books: Udon Street Fighter Tribute, Udon Darkstalkers Tribute, Scott Pilgrim, Girls of Gaming (incidentally, there was an article on Skullgirls itself in that particular issue too, back before we were officially picked up)

Anyway, I'm not sure how others perceive it, but I feel really terrible and annoyed at this mix-up. I don't know if my rambling here will help any, but I'm going to try to spread this around.


Now that that's out of the way... (I hope)

I'm sure you guys have seen these links- but some pretty cool videos in regards to Skullgirls~! Mike Z, the lead programmer / gameplay-designer / legendary tournament fighter is the one talking / demonstrating the game in these videos:

GiantBomb's Quick Look EX for Skullgirls

Some cool videos from that shows combos and the tag team mechanics

Kotaku seems to be quite enthusiastic about the game as well, which is pretty cool. It's fascinating (dare I say addicting) to read all the different reactions to the game. I guess it can be pretty polarizing haha~

And also, check out this awesome trailer~! ;;w;;bb best.

Thank you guys for all the support, by the way. It really means a lot to us. Expect to hear more news about Skullgirls in the near future~

Sup! @A@

Hey guys, I'll be at Otakon, if anyone wants to be kewl and stop by the Artist Alley and check us out! I'll be sharing tables with and

We'll be at table U8

Oh, and here are some photos of our setup from SDCC~

FOOD! ( not ours, but next to us, and delicious. And by delicious I mean replicas XD;; )

More SDCC scans and stuff in the near future @A@ Gotta get ready for this flying craziness about to happen.

SDCC 2010

Hi guys,

Another quick update- first of all thank you to those who stopped by our table at AX 2010! And thank you to those who met up with Mike Z and tried out the game at Evo as well~

Skullgirls will be at SDCC, I'll be sharing a table with my comrades at LAVA Punch as usual. We'll be at Small Press. Our table number is C-06. Go to the right and back corner of the Exhibit Hall. We're between isle 500 and 600. Here's our location on the map~

Feel free to stop by, try out the demo, get some neat SG sketchbooks and/or buttons, and check out the comics and shirts from LAVA Punch.

Also, I should take this time to plug my friend Mike Vega's book "Ichigo Girls Summer Special" for which I did a summer pinup of Parasoul for. You can check out the book at the Club Stripes booth at booth #1633

Here's the pinup of Parasoul, maybe you guys can recognize the bikini she is wearing, haha. :]

And this is from a while ago during pchat-

I guess a lil' something informal/silly for the few people who still check out this LJ Blog XD;

I hope you guys are having a fun summer, and we hope to see you at the convention!!

AX 2010~

Hey sup doods,

I have still yet to like.. formally catch up on LJ.. sigh I wonder if that will ever happen XD;;;

Anyway! Been pretty busy as of late, but wanted to let all of you know that we'll be at Anime Expo with the demo of Skullgirls. So if you didn't get a chance to try it at Fanime, now's another opportunity. :0/

Also, here is some artz in the meantime.

See you guys there!

Hi Livejournal @A@;

Hi guys @A@;;;

Well, con season is rolling around again, and that usually helps get me off of my but and update this thing. However, ironically can't spend much time updating, as said con season keeping my busy tonight printing stuff.


FANIME! and SKULLGIRLS! that's what this post is about, basically~

In regards to Skullgirls, we've been making progress on the game (and even updating the website occasionally~ The most immediate way to show how things are going is by showing you guys the video stream from a tournament last month that Mike was at. He describes our approach for the game as well:

Depiction of the demo and its following events courtesy of Kent

We'll be at Fanime, and if things go well, we'll have a version of the demo playable there. Unfortunately, the artist alley doesn't have electricity, so we'll have to figure out how to use laptops in some sort of cycling fashion, probably. You can find us sharing a table with Lava Punch. ( T251 & T252 are the table numbers.

Mike Z, the lead programmer and designer, will be at the con for only Friday. So, if you have any questions particularly related to gameplay, I recommend coming by on Friday to ask them. Also, I should take this time to mention that you can always email Mike at zmannnn @ gmail . com as well.

See you guys there~!

Oh, also, we set up a donation button on the website, if you guys would like to help out *A*;;

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DUMP: part 2 - creatures @3@;

The dumping continued!

Some of the stuff you will see in this dump:
Random creatures/monsters/etc
Some stuff from work, most of which is also monsters this time around XD;;;

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Speaking of Gaia art, there is a blog specifically for the Gaia artists- I posted a few of the animated versions of some of these enemy concepts, plus a few other concepts for other enemies in the game. Plus, you can see how much more awesome the other artists I work with are- I highly recommend @_@b Feel free to check out the site!

And speaking about websites- check out the Skullgirls site! - We'll be keeping it up to date- and you can now keep up to date with RSS feed owo/ Very useful owobbb

DUMP: part 1

Forgive me if there are any repeat images here. owo;

I haven't posted anything (other than Halloween) since SDCC. I got a lot here behind the cut- I forgot if there was anything in particular I need to say. Note: I was going to post more- but I've decided to split this dump into two parts this is just toooo big orz;

In general, I have been working on Skullgirls as much as I can (a big part of the reason for lack of updates)- and I'm tempted to show more of that stuff- and maybe I will soon- something to update the website with at least, anyway. Now that we've figured out the style pretty well, I think we're about ready to look around for animator help. At this point, we don't need good sprite artists as much as we need any sort of good animators who can emulate the style. So yea, if you feel like you can't do spritework, don't worry- that's not a requirement at this point @_@ If you guys recommend anybody, feel free to let me know. Thanks! Send me an email at @ with some examples / portfolio / resume and I can send you a copy of the test to try out . T^Tb

As for work in general, it has been... interesting lately XD; I hope it turns out well.

And now, here are some pictures! You can find the following types of things in this post-

Original works!

Pinapple-tan and her grenade friends XD;
I want to do something with these characters one day, not sure what though T^T;

Zianna, the Iron Maiden
Drawn on Drawr. I guess from the same idea as the Halloween themed characters.



This is one of the entries I submitted for the Muramasa fanart contest. It was one of the runner-ups. I loved this fight. >XD;

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Aaannd on that note, done with part one for now- Part 2 will be next week or something @3@; See y'all around T^Tb If you aren't fatally annoyed at all this especially those with slow connections (feel free to yell at me if this is too much, etc)

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen @A@;

Oh man, it's been ages since I posted here. Also, I totally gotta head out right now, so I can't do my usual dump (not that it's good practice anyway, I'll try to spread out pictures in a more even fashion)

But I really wanted to post something for Halloween XD/

So here is something! Sort of owo;

And some relevant sketches

Have a fun/safe/sugary/scary/sexy halloween dooods T^Tb

SDCC 09 stuff and art dump in general

I'll probably do a more detailed account of conventions this season later-
In the meantime, I must inform you that I will be at Lava Punch's table, G08 in Small Press, at SDCC. Come by and say hello! I'll see if I can have some sketchbooks up for sale, including a Skullgirls one with some material that has not been shown publically yet.

And here is my entry in the Darkstalkers Tribute, you can check out more info at:

And an illustration I did for work:

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And that's all for now- see you guys at SDCC! m(_)m